Hi there!  Welcome to my blog!  This is my very first ever blog and I wanted to talk about my experience over the past year+ starting running again and training for the LA Marathon.  I hope you enjoy my posts and learn from my experiences.

First of all, I never, ever thought I would run a marathon.  I was content to do a few miles here and there, but never thought I would or could go more than a 5k.  I completed one back in 2015- The Rock n’ Roll 5k in Downtown LA, but that was just by the skin of my teeth and sheer willpower.  Not to mention I didn’t want to look a fool to my friend who I was running with.  I did very little training to prep for it, and consequently did not do very well, physically or mentally.

About 2 years ago something magical happened to me.  I became sober and my life opened up.  Before then I was trapped in an endless cycle of drinking and smoking weed.  I never thought I could live without them, but low and behold, not only can I not drink or use every day, I can do all the things I never thought I would be able to!  That includes training for this god-forsaken marathon.

So I wanted to start with you from the beginning of my journey and catch you up to date before the marathon, which is a mere 25 days away!  EEEEEP! But I am only dealing with today and that is a relief.

I started running again back in December of 2015 and I wanted to just train for a 5k.  I started using the app Couch 2 5k, which is an amazing tool for all you beginners out there.  It starts you out very slowly:  Warm-up walk 5 mins, jog 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds.  Repeat for about 30 mins and do a 5 minute cool-down.  Super simple.  Then it amps up from there and within about 3 months, you should be able to consistently run for about 30 minutes, which is probably how long it will take you to do a 5k.  Everyone is different, but this tool worked really well for me.

Here is my first photo I can find of my workout and myself from those days:


So I was able to train on and off for about a year, and I finally ran my first “real” 5k in Santa Monica on May 15, 2016.  My time was not great, but I did it!  My boyfriend at the time had signed us up for a 1-monthiversary activity.  Good times!  He had already been running for many months and was way more advanced than me, but he kept by my side and was encouraging the whole time.  I wanted to murder him so I could walk, but I just kept chugging along.  We finished the race (I think around 32 minutes or so?) and got a sweet medal to show we had done something amazing.


So that is basically the beginning of my journey.  I will keep posting, and I hope you all keep reading!  For now, happy trails!


Author: clairebearrunner

33-year-old woman training for LA Marathon! Stage manager, lover of the arts, lover of animals and fellow people. Goals for 2018: LA Marathon, Spartan Trifecta, Long Beach Triathlon, get to my goal weight of 140 before my wedding!

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