Why I Run


I just wanted to do a little quick post about why I run.  For me, running is freedom.  When I put on my shoes and plug into my music, a feeling of calm and serenity comes over me.  The first 2-3 miles are always difficult.  Always.  But once I pass that warm up point and start grooving in my flow, everything else just melts away and the only thing that exists is my breath, my heartbeat, and my feet on the pavement.

Breathe in, breathe out.  Deep breaths, all the way to my toes.  My thoughts swirl around in my head, always changing, never staying on one topic for long.  This is my meditation.  Moving meditation.  I have worked through some really difficult situations with my runs. I love to run when I am aggravated, because I always feel better afterward.  100% of the time.

When I have to go long periods without running (I am talking a few days to a week), I tend to get really grouchy and unpleasant.  Running is one of my medicines.  I used to drink or use marijuana to get away from my feelings.  Now I run and work through my thoughts, emotions, and problems for the day.

I have had some of my most blissful moments while running.  I will always remember when I was doing my first 12-mile run, I rounded the corner from the beach bike path to the Ballona Creek bike trail and there was this stunning view of the Santa Ana Mountain Range (I think it is those mountains…).  This song that I had never heard started playing from my iTunes playlist, and I had a moment of absolute, utter bliss.  Absolutely everything fell away and I was just feeling this absolute love of life and everything in it.  I must have looked like a super goof with this giant smile on my face, but I will always remember that moment.

This is why I run.  That is why after this marathon is finished, I am going to do another.  This is not the end of my journey- it is the very beginning!

Happy St. Patty’s Day, everyone!  Be safe out there!







Author: clairebearrunner

33-year-old woman training for LA Marathon! Stage manager, lover of the arts, lover of animals and fellow people. Goals for 2018: LA Marathon, Spartan Trifecta, Long Beach Triathlon, get to my goal weight of 140 before my wedding!

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