The Half Marathon Decision

Hello!  Welcome back!  I wanna call you guys “constant reader”, but that’s Stephen King’s thing and I might get in some sort of legal trouble.  Plus this is only my second post so….hey guys!

So. Why, you ask, would you want to run a marathon?  I didn’t start out wanting to run 26.2 miles.  That is insane. Crazy-talk.  I was thinking back at the beginning of 2016, “I just want to try to run a half marathon.”  For some reason, 13.1 miles doesn’t sound nearly as daunting as 26.2, but I had never run more than a 5k before, so what the hell did I know?

I have always been a person who can accomplish 3/4 – 5/8ths of my goals.  I can get most of the way there, but never really achieve it.  I am talking mainly in terms of my exercise/nutrition goals, my weight- basically body image stuff.  So I wanted a hard line. Something that was definite. A real goal, not just a “some day…” goal.  So I started talking to my now ex-boyfriend because I heard that he had run a marathon and knew he was physically active.

I started running with him.  It was the first time I had actually run with another human being for about 10 years.  I was always a “do it in private” kind of person.  I never wanted anyone to see my face get red from exertion.  My fat jiggle around my waist, my slow time.  I never wanted to be vulnerable in that way.  I always had to have my shit together.  But for some reason it was easier to run with him and I didn’t care about all that stuff.  I just cared about getting better and more fit. For some reason, all that selfishness, self-centeredness, and self-pity was slipping away.

I was using the awesome  Couch 2 5k app.  And like I said in my first post, I was able to complete my first “real” 5k around 30 minutes or so.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment, so I decided I would sign up for a 10k.

All the while I was training for this 5k, I was doing circuit training, and this other program that I bought off Hulu.  Daily Burn 365 is seriously one of the most fun ways to get back in shape I have ever tried.  It allowed me to work out “with” other people, without actually having to leave my little apartment!  It was the perfect combo for me.  Different workouts every day, fun instructors, and I got to watch the people working out struggle the same as I was struggling!  Then I slowly crawled out of my apartment and into the sunlight.  I started working out with other people and utilized the Culver City Stairs and a yoga mat to achieve my goals.

How did this help my running? I was building up my core body strength, as well as building up my cardiovascular system.  It only ever added to my running workouts.  At this time I was still running about 3-4 times a week and logging all my runs with the Map My Run app.


I was able to run the 10k, but not without a bit of pain in my training.  My left foot started getting very sore along the outside and I was worried I was getting a stress fracture.  Turns out what I really needed to do was get some insoles because my running shoes were not providing enough support in the right places.  Low and behold, those insoles have saved my bacon many a long run since then!

In my next post I will focus more on nutrition, and how I was able to lose about 20 pounds between the pictures from my last post to this one 🙂

Until then, later taters!